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Direction of Fibre.

more slabs are piled on to complete the rod and butt (see D and
E). No further description, will be needed to finish the forging,
as there only remains the cutting off of the butt end to correct
dimension, and the severing of porter from forging as in the
previous examples.

Want of further space compels us to close our chapter on
Forging, but sufficient examples have no doubt been given to
stimulate the student, who will now without difficulty be able to
construct other forgings for himself, albeit more complicated than
those already given. Of course different workmen have slightly
different ways of arranging their material, and no two will exactly
agree, but that forging will be the best one where the fibre is
disposed so as to meet in the best way the stress coming upon it.

Hydraulic Forging,—See Appendix //.,/. 803.
Cold Drawing.—See Appendix //.,/. 805.